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Sunday, October 15, 2006
the new blg!

A whole new blog again.
Some of you must have been thinking, why the hell that I'm making another new blog again?
Don't ask me, because honestly I don't know why..

The one at http://decky.blogsome.com is quiet boring for me. I can't change the template myself, like, duh! It's so un-adventurous! Hahah!

But, but.. I'll make that blog (http://decky.blogsome.com) become another pages of my blog. Like, reviews, news etc..

I've been reading lotsa blogs here and there, and it's quiet an inspire for me to going back blogging after the whole years I've been absence from it.

I'm in progress of editing the template, add and delete some unimportant things here and there, gosh, how I missed the old time when I really enjoy myself workin out the template, editing the HTML source etc,,

Uh, update tis really soon yeah guys!

6:33 AM