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straight talking, frank to the core, maniac depressive with a newly discovered morbid fascination for blood and gore.
and i'm fuckin nineteen

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Monday, November 27, 2006
I'm Worried,, Damn worried!
Ahh, sorry for the late update yeah guys, been resting the whole weekend and yes, I am tired. Not because of doing something or whatever thing. It's about my leg, I mean my knee. I'm tired thinking of it again and again. Since I did soome research about ACL, and to be honest it's freak me out. I just don't realize that I went through this thing, like, Oh my God it's really happens to me.

So now, I really really want to recover myself from this ACL shits, I'd do everything I could to walk and back to normal. Thanks to Matin for explaining this stuff to me and calming me down, you'll be a great doc soon yeah ;)

And also, I've been very pesky to everybody and myself, I'm sorry tho,, *sobs sobs* I don't mean to be pesky, infuriating or bollocks, guess I was just too stress being home and the anxiety of me. Anxiety makes me feel stupid, slow, lazy, hopeless, and detached from the world. Duh!

Ok, I think I need to listen to my own recording which I've had done with my brother, haha, yes he's like my sound engineer and I feel like a real superstar,, I mean singer, hahaa,, Ok, come sing along with me yeah guys!

Kutemukan dalam pencarian
Cinta sejati untuk hidupku
Kurang lebih yang seperti dia
Kuharap dalam cintaku

Ku tak mau menjanjikannya
Pasti bahagia bila denganku
Biar dia rasakan sendiri
Betapa gilanya cintaku

Aku memang pencinta wanita
Namun ku bukan buaya
Yang setia pada seribu gadis
Ku hanya mencintai dia

Aku memang pencinta wanita
Yang lembut seperti dia
Ini saat ku akhiri semua
Pencarian dalam hidup
Dan cintaku ternyata
Yang kumau hanyalah dia

It's originally sang by Irwansyah, u might catch his glimpse on his debut movie, Heart. Nice movie, I like the soundtracks (all songs were written by Melly Goeslaw).

Hahaaa, ok, I hope you guys enjoy it yeah, although it might be a little bit pitchy though *giggle* But well, I did enjoy the recording stuff with my bro, I can tell that he got the talent,he's just like my dad.

Hahaa, well, randomly post this thing. Do I look that serious? Hehehe,,

And I found this damn hillarious Japanese video from Nadzim (hahaa, u know what I like yeah dude :P)

And this one is from Bryanboy, he wanted this video to be spread out to u guys

Hahaa, he never stop to make me laugh, you go Bryanboy! :P

Well, I'll update more later k? Let me rest awhile and do some leg movement and yes, I can't wait for the next appointment with the doctor.

C ya!

6:33 PM


Saturday, November 25, 2006
Tedious,lifeless,bland,flatstale and bla bla bla,,

It's been a week since I got injured on my knee. Totally can do nothing much. Hahaha, how strange I became a whinger lately in fact I am not! Duh! Bee lazing around on my bed and couch. Eat-drink medicine-rest-watching tv-sleep and blablaa,, Gawsh, I don't dare to see my weight later, urgh!

Ah well, I promised somebody to upload my hari raya picture(s), especially the one that I'm wearing baju melayu (traditional malay cloth). Haaa, but pardon me, I'm just aware that there is none of the picture with a full body shoot of me. Heee, *wink*

Haaaa,, it's Cynthia, me and my smallest cousin. Isn't he cute? Hahaha, and look at me, I'm so chubby there (damn) hahaa,, Who's cuter? Me or my cousin?

Ok, it's me, my cousins, Aqlib and Oki,, Yes, we're cam whore family! *giggle*

My cousin Rama, me and Cynthia,,

I'm getting sleepy, it was kinda late that time, but hell yeah, see my cousin there? posing like hell *grin*

Awh,, isn't he cute? He's the most gorgeous baby that I've had ever seen! Hahahaa, he's just different from the rest us, he looks more arab tho,, Miss him so much,,

Ok enough enough with the pictures galore. So, what do you think? Hahahaha, actually I was taking lots lots lots of picture, and believe it or not, 50% of the pictures are all me, haha, yes, cam whore!!

Actually I got a photo shoot tomorrow at Orchard. Yeah, a photo shoot among the crowd people in Orchard. Damn, I have been waiting and looking for it two weeks before, and now look,, Urghh!! I'm gonna miss this session, an important shoot for my portfolio tho. I just imagine it, how cool would I be doing "THE BAND" theme, with all black and all those punk rock shit around me plus a guitar or mic or whatever .. Uhhh,,!! Hahah, I feel like wanna jump from 10th storied flat!

Oh yeah, I have a gallery now. I mean my web gallery that I made on my own, haaa! Take a look at here or maybe you can check it at my shoutbox page there on the "leaving" session. Will update it there okay!

Ah, actually I have other things to post, like I've been recording new stuff and no no, right now I'm doing solo, without Cynthia or anyone else *giggle* will coming up next k.

3:17 PM


Thursday, November 23, 2006
The Gayest Gay that ever Gayed!

Hahaha, ok, so you read the title and think about me being the gayest gay that ever gayed? Haaa,, No no, I'm not the gayest gay that ever gayed in the world,, this dude is the gayest gay that ever gayed in the world!


this one looks great,,

and this one is his faves pose,,

Haa,, So everyone of you has been thinking, who the hell is he? Or maybe some of you know who is this gorgeous bryanboy?


Well, know him last year tho from a friend of mine,I was damn bored like I have nothing to do that time. So a friend of mine gave this bryanboy things to me. First impressions that I had was this ticklish feelings about all his photos and stories! Damn simple yet interesting, yay! Love the way he synchronizes everything on his blog!

And I start to wonder, who the hell is he? Cause from all the interface on his website, he looks quiet well known by all the quotes from the press there. And as you can see there, he has a lots lots lots of fans. I mean FANS! Haha, all of em has to pose with his FAMOUS pose, The Handbag Pose! like this,,

Hhahaha,, ok that's me! I'm finally sent a pose of mine to him, and,, voila!! Got my pic on his blog! You can check here
. Oh yeah, that picture of mine, it looks kinda gross tho! Does it looks gross to you? Oh c'mon,,!! Say no and I will give you a kiss on the cheek! Mwahahah!! You can see lotsa same pose on his website, go and check it out!

Oh well, I've been wondering how the hell he can be so famous amos like that. And hell yeah, he's quiet controversy in his country, Philippines..

Ok. Enough with his galore. Let's talk about my recording with my luvly cousin, Cynthia. Haaa, been receiving a lot of compliments from you guys, thanks a lotttt! Hahaha, appreciate it a lot ok ;) Actually I'm a bit mousy to post this song, always have this low confident in myself, I guess I've been thinking of rejection that I might get, haa stupid! :P

Oh well, let me present you Cynthia's other song. No, this time she will sing alone without me. *grin* Erm, I adore her voice, she's the best cousin that I've ever had! Everybody loves her, she makes everybody love her by her pretty voice! Hahaha,, ok, enjoy the song aite!? ;)

You might hear some disturbance there, hahaa, well nothing is perfect aite? Hahaha,,

Oh ok guys, might need some rest, I'll update you soon ok? Perhaps it's something great to talk about. Muach! Luv ya all..

9:13 PM


Wednesday, November 22, 2006
I'm Useless!

I repeat, I'm useless!

Hahaha, how ironic that I'm here, in the bed while other peoples are enjoying themselves!

There's nothing much I can do now.
Feel so numb in the bed, haha, damn, I feel like a king somehow, just shout what you want and somebody will come and help you!


I'm worried actually about my exam. It's coming soon, damn and I still have to do my assignment, a lot!

Oh yeah, actually I did this recording stuff with my cousin, her name is Cynthia,, She has a great voice, naturally great! Haaa,,

Wanna listen some? Ok, here you go,,


Stop it!
I know, I may sound "un-nice" , LOL!
But hey, I tried my best ok, and that wasn't pretty prepared *Mwahaha* ok,,
So just listen and tell me that it's great! And I will give you guys a kiss and oreo cookies!


Gosh, it's gettin dark, think I'm gonna have something for dinner,, Oh yeah, for sure I become more fat and ugly this week, miss my diet and gym! Argh!!

6:12 PM


Tuesday, November 21, 2006
Duh! my knee,,!!
Ok, some updates from me.

Haa, sudah lama tidak mengupdate blog ini, gw (sekali lagi) merasa bersalah sendiri, damn was trying to update it. But, whenever I got to this blog I felt an emptiness. Maybe I think it's too dull, plain,, haaaa,, *whinge*

so,, again, I change my tempplate and switch to blogger beta. Dan, I don't really know what is the different from the previous blogger,, anybody can explain it?


oh yeah, reffering to my Title,,


kinda shameful thing to tell,, but ok, I'll let u know how this thing happened,,

I was in the club tho, dancing with this beautiful Vietnamese girl, a friend of mine. We was really dancing, I mean DANCING *hah! benar2 dansa yang DANSA abis,, LOL! Like everybody was watching and looking at us tremendously! Hah, now you can imagine how did I dance aite?

Then suddenly, when I bend down and manage to stand up again, I can feel my knee bone made a popping or snapping sound *pletak*


I fell down! Gawsh, imagine that, I fell down in the middle of the dance hall, geez,,

First, I can't believe that this is happens to me, for God sake, I have never ever been into this condition before, and when I feel it myself I feel like wanna cry and moan loudly! yay!

Then everybody started to look at me strangely, they were like giving me this look,

"Hey stand up, what are u doing there..?"

And the security came into me, and ask me to stand up, treating me like I'm a drunker that fell down cause drunk lotsa vodka or whatever,,

Geez, and I gave him this angry-sad-look and show him my twiste bone (geez, I don't even dare to look at it, I can only touch it and feel it,,) Hahaa, then he looked shocked by what he saw, he gone for awhile and came back with other security guards.

By that time, I wasn't think to much about anything, the things that play on my mind are,

"Can I walk after this?"
"Will I still become a great runaway model?" *DUH!*
"Do I have to amputated my leg"


hahaha,, stupid! But it happened to me! LOL,,

Oh yeah, so fortunately, there was this guy who came to help me, telling me that he is a paramedic from Singapore Civil Defense (SCDF), I presumed that he was looking at me for awhile. He requestfor giving me a hand of help, like,

"I can re-join your bone if you want.."

And quickly I nod my head.
Haa,, astounded by the pain and the situation, I barely think twice, all I need is to get back my knee bone to the riht place!

Not more then 10 seconds, again I felt my bone move and made a popping sound,,


Damn! hurt so good,,
hahaha, but it felt so great cause I can feel my whole leg again although the pain kills me!

Great, what a drama! hahaha, saturday niht drama, shit! hahaha,,
And now, a big swollen appear on my knee scalp, barely can't see the bone.
And please don't ask how it feels like,, hahaha,,

You guys, pray for my recovery k? I need to do my things, lotsa things to do, my exams, photoshoots etc,, Thanks for your time to reading this entry,, hahaa,,

Update you guys soon!


3:46 PM