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straight talking, frank to the core, maniac depressive with a newly discovered morbid fascination for blood and gore.
and i'm fuckin nineteen

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006
Duh! my knee,,!!
Ok, some updates from me.

Haa, sudah lama tidak mengupdate blog ini, gw (sekali lagi) merasa bersalah sendiri, damn was trying to update it. But, whenever I got to this blog I felt an emptiness. Maybe I think it's too dull, plain,, haaaa,, *whinge*

so,, again, I change my tempplate and switch to blogger beta. Dan, I don't really know what is the different from the previous blogger,, anybody can explain it?


oh yeah, reffering to my Title,,


kinda shameful thing to tell,, but ok, I'll let u know how this thing happened,,

I was in the club tho, dancing with this beautiful Vietnamese girl, a friend of mine. We was really dancing, I mean DANCING *hah! benar2 dansa yang DANSA abis,, LOL! Like everybody was watching and looking at us tremendously! Hah, now you can imagine how did I dance aite?

Then suddenly, when I bend down and manage to stand up again, I can feel my knee bone made a popping or snapping sound *pletak*


I fell down! Gawsh, imagine that, I fell down in the middle of the dance hall, geez,,

First, I can't believe that this is happens to me, for God sake, I have never ever been into this condition before, and when I feel it myself I feel like wanna cry and moan loudly! yay!

Then everybody started to look at me strangely, they were like giving me this look,

"Hey stand up, what are u doing there..?"

And the security came into me, and ask me to stand up, treating me like I'm a drunker that fell down cause drunk lotsa vodka or whatever,,

Geez, and I gave him this angry-sad-look and show him my twiste bone (geez, I don't even dare to look at it, I can only touch it and feel it,,) Hahaa, then he looked shocked by what he saw, he gone for awhile and came back with other security guards.

By that time, I wasn't think to much about anything, the things that play on my mind are,

"Can I walk after this?"
"Will I still become a great runaway model?" *DUH!*
"Do I have to amputated my leg"


hahaha,, stupid! But it happened to me! LOL,,

Oh yeah, so fortunately, there was this guy who came to help me, telling me that he is a paramedic from Singapore Civil Defense (SCDF), I presumed that he was looking at me for awhile. He requestfor giving me a hand of help, like,

"I can re-join your bone if you want.."

And quickly I nod my head.
Haa,, astounded by the pain and the situation, I barely think twice, all I need is to get back my knee bone to the riht place!

Not more then 10 seconds, again I felt my bone move and made a popping sound,,


Damn! hurt so good,,
hahaha, but it felt so great cause I can feel my whole leg again although the pain kills me!

Great, what a drama! hahaha, saturday niht drama, shit! hahaha,,
And now, a big swollen appear on my knee scalp, barely can't see the bone.
And please don't ask how it feels like,, hahaha,,

You guys, pray for my recovery k? I need to do my things, lotsa things to do, my exams, photoshoots etc,, Thanks for your time to reading this entry,, hahaa,,

Update you guys soon!


3:46 PM