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Thursday, November 23, 2006
The Gayest Gay that ever Gayed!

Hahaha, ok, so you read the title and think about me being the gayest gay that ever gayed? Haaa,, No no, I'm not the gayest gay that ever gayed in the world,, this dude is the gayest gay that ever gayed in the world!


this one looks great,,

and this one is his faves pose,,

Haa,, So everyone of you has been thinking, who the hell is he? Or maybe some of you know who is this gorgeous bryanboy?


Well, know him last year tho from a friend of mine,I was damn bored like I have nothing to do that time. So a friend of mine gave this bryanboy things to me. First impressions that I had was this ticklish feelings about all his photos and stories! Damn simple yet interesting, yay! Love the way he synchronizes everything on his blog!

And I start to wonder, who the hell is he? Cause from all the interface on his website, he looks quiet well known by all the quotes from the press there. And as you can see there, he has a lots lots lots of fans. I mean FANS! Haha, all of em has to pose with his FAMOUS pose, The Handbag Pose! like this,,

Hhahaha,, ok that's me! I'm finally sent a pose of mine to him, and,, voila!! Got my pic on his blog! You can check here
. Oh yeah, that picture of mine, it looks kinda gross tho! Does it looks gross to you? Oh c'mon,,!! Say no and I will give you a kiss on the cheek! Mwahahah!! You can see lotsa same pose on his website, go and check it out!

Oh well, I've been wondering how the hell he can be so famous amos like that. And hell yeah, he's quiet controversy in his country, Philippines..

Ok. Enough with his galore. Let's talk about my recording with my luvly cousin, Cynthia. Haaa, been receiving a lot of compliments from you guys, thanks a lotttt! Hahaha, appreciate it a lot ok ;) Actually I'm a bit mousy to post this song, always have this low confident in myself, I guess I've been thinking of rejection that I might get, haa stupid! :P

Oh well, let me present you Cynthia's other song. No, this time she will sing alone without me. *grin* Erm, I adore her voice, she's the best cousin that I've ever had! Everybody loves her, she makes everybody love her by her pretty voice! Hahaha,, ok, enjoy the song aite!? ;)

You might hear some disturbance there, hahaa, well nothing is perfect aite? Hahaha,,

Oh ok guys, might need some rest, I'll update you soon ok? Perhaps it's something great to talk about. Muach! Luv ya all..

9:13 PM