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straight talking, frank to the core, maniac depressive with a newly discovered morbid fascination for blood and gore.
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Monday, November 27, 2006
I'm Worried,, Damn worried!
Ahh, sorry for the late update yeah guys, been resting the whole weekend and yes, I am tired. Not because of doing something or whatever thing. It's about my leg, I mean my knee. I'm tired thinking of it again and again. Since I did soome research about ACL, and to be honest it's freak me out. I just don't realize that I went through this thing, like, Oh my God it's really happens to me.

So now, I really really want to recover myself from this ACL shits, I'd do everything I could to walk and back to normal. Thanks to Matin for explaining this stuff to me and calming me down, you'll be a great doc soon yeah ;)

And also, I've been very pesky to everybody and myself, I'm sorry tho,, *sobs sobs* I don't mean to be pesky, infuriating or bollocks, guess I was just too stress being home and the anxiety of me. Anxiety makes me feel stupid, slow, lazy, hopeless, and detached from the world. Duh!

Ok, I think I need to listen to my own recording which I've had done with my brother, haha, yes he's like my sound engineer and I feel like a real superstar,, I mean singer, hahaa,, Ok, come sing along with me yeah guys!

Kutemukan dalam pencarian
Cinta sejati untuk hidupku
Kurang lebih yang seperti dia
Kuharap dalam cintaku

Ku tak mau menjanjikannya
Pasti bahagia bila denganku
Biar dia rasakan sendiri
Betapa gilanya cintaku

Aku memang pencinta wanita
Namun ku bukan buaya
Yang setia pada seribu gadis
Ku hanya mencintai dia

Aku memang pencinta wanita
Yang lembut seperti dia
Ini saat ku akhiri semua
Pencarian dalam hidup
Dan cintaku ternyata
Yang kumau hanyalah dia

It's originally sang by Irwansyah, u might catch his glimpse on his debut movie, Heart. Nice movie, I like the soundtracks (all songs were written by Melly Goeslaw).

Hahaaa, ok, I hope you guys enjoy it yeah, although it might be a little bit pitchy though *giggle* But well, I did enjoy the recording stuff with my bro, I can tell that he got the talent,he's just like my dad.

Hahaa, well, randomly post this thing. Do I look that serious? Hehehe,,

And I found this damn hillarious Japanese video from Nadzim (hahaa, u know what I like yeah dude :P)

And this one is from Bryanboy, he wanted this video to be spread out to u guys

Hahaa, he never stop to make me laugh, you go Bryanboy! :P

Well, I'll update more later k? Let me rest awhile and do some leg movement and yes, I can't wait for the next appointment with the doctor.

C ya!

6:33 PM