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straight talking, frank to the core, maniac depressive with a newly discovered morbid fascination for blood and gore.
and i'm fuckin nineteen

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
I'm Useless!

I repeat, I'm useless!

Hahaha, how ironic that I'm here, in the bed while other peoples are enjoying themselves!

There's nothing much I can do now.
Feel so numb in the bed, haha, damn, I feel like a king somehow, just shout what you want and somebody will come and help you!


I'm worried actually about my exam. It's coming soon, damn and I still have to do my assignment, a lot!

Oh yeah, actually I did this recording stuff with my cousin, her name is Cynthia,, She has a great voice, naturally great! Haaa,,

Wanna listen some? Ok, here you go,,


Stop it!
I know, I may sound "un-nice" , LOL!
But hey, I tried my best ok, and that wasn't pretty prepared *Mwahaha* ok,,
So just listen and tell me that it's great! And I will give you guys a kiss and oreo cookies!


Gosh, it's gettin dark, think I'm gonna have something for dinner,, Oh yeah, for sure I become more fat and ugly this week, miss my diet and gym! Argh!!

6:12 PM