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straight talking, frank to the core, maniac depressive with a newly discovered morbid fascination for blood and gore.
and i'm fuckin nineteen

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Saturday, November 25, 2006
Tedious,lifeless,bland,flatstale and bla bla bla,,

It's been a week since I got injured on my knee. Totally can do nothing much. Hahaha, how strange I became a whinger lately in fact I am not! Duh! Bee lazing around on my bed and couch. Eat-drink medicine-rest-watching tv-sleep and blablaa,, Gawsh, I don't dare to see my weight later, urgh!

Ah well, I promised somebody to upload my hari raya picture(s), especially the one that I'm wearing baju melayu (traditional malay cloth). Haaa, but pardon me, I'm just aware that there is none of the picture with a full body shoot of me. Heee, *wink*

Haaaa,, it's Cynthia, me and my smallest cousin. Isn't he cute? Hahaha, and look at me, I'm so chubby there (damn) hahaa,, Who's cuter? Me or my cousin?

Ok, it's me, my cousins, Aqlib and Oki,, Yes, we're cam whore family! *giggle*

My cousin Rama, me and Cynthia,,

I'm getting sleepy, it was kinda late that time, but hell yeah, see my cousin there? posing like hell *grin*

Awh,, isn't he cute? He's the most gorgeous baby that I've had ever seen! Hahahaa, he's just different from the rest us, he looks more arab tho,, Miss him so much,,

Ok enough enough with the pictures galore. So, what do you think? Hahahaha, actually I was taking lots lots lots of picture, and believe it or not, 50% of the pictures are all me, haha, yes, cam whore!!

Actually I got a photo shoot tomorrow at Orchard. Yeah, a photo shoot among the crowd people in Orchard. Damn, I have been waiting and looking for it two weeks before, and now look,, Urghh!! I'm gonna miss this session, an important shoot for my portfolio tho. I just imagine it, how cool would I be doing "THE BAND" theme, with all black and all those punk rock shit around me plus a guitar or mic or whatever .. Uhhh,,!! Hahah, I feel like wanna jump from 10th storied flat!

Oh yeah, I have a gallery now. I mean my web gallery that I made on my own, haaa! Take a look at here or maybe you can check it at my shoutbox page there on the "leaving" session. Will update it there okay!

Ah, actually I have other things to post, like I've been recording new stuff and no no, right now I'm doing solo, without Cynthia or anyone else *giggle* will coming up next k.

3:17 PM