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straight talking, frank to the core, maniac depressive with a newly discovered morbid fascination for blood and gore.
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Thursday, December 21, 2006
I'm Back,, I mean, I'M BACK!

So here I am, infront of my Macbook, writing and listening to the music from my iTunes.

Yes, yes yes. I'm back. This time it's for real. For the first time in two weeks (if I'm not wrong..), I can finally give y'all some tender loving care and undivided attention (YAY!)

But wait, I'm away for a reason ok, few of you guys may not aware or did not know what and where had I been this few weeks.

Well,, *sigh* I had knee surgery, knee implant surgery (damn it! I don't even sure what it's called). Yeah, so my knee cap (patella) was fractured or should I said it was fractured,,? So yeah, after all the hard days in my life (knowing that I had to do a surgery, imagining those knive cutting my skin and blablabla) I learned something. Do not dance swiftly and do not over doing yourself. Well, I really meant it!

And yeah, I feel like a burden to everyone,, you know,a feeling that tells you're just useless,like, you are nothing just a trouble maker.In spite of all of that I still have people that love me.. My mom, dad, siblings, grandma, aunties, uncles, friends etc. They were there to help me. Love you all *hugs*

And now I'm bed ridden. Absolutely can't do nothing much but eat,medicine,therapy,leg exercise, shit and over and over again. And God knows how I'm deadly bored with this condition. Lose myself, I mean I'm just a different person now. Been stupefy myself with lots lots of stupid thought(s). Ah, am I becoming crazy?

Well took a picture of how my leg looks like,,

it looks ugly, see that swollen part at the knee? Ah, I stressed out myself too much when I compare it with the other one, big different!! And I'm too lazy to put cryo cuff on my knee. Ah, been wondering what is cryo cuff? Here, this may explain you.

Urgh,, so now what? I haven't take a picture of mine lately. So so sorry yeah guys, can't update you with all the pics galore and musics. Promise will take some and record some tunes later.

And I'm so fcukin miss going out to town! HAHAHA, I really do :( Damn it! Especially this upcoming Christmas with all the pretty light and the fancy things around, grr...

Ok then, I guess I should sleep, it's 3.02 AM rite here, so catch up later yeah guys!
Muach! Nite..

2:07 AM