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Thursday, December 21, 2006
My Fashion Picks!
Voila, been looking around too much fashion thinggy now and *snap* from now on I'll be posting Men's Fasion Picks by Me *YAY!* ,,

So let's get started yeah!

These are some of my picks for Men's Spring 2007!

Top Ten: Spring 2007 Menswear LOUIS VUITTON

Top Ten: Spring 2007 Menswear BOTTEGA VENETA

Top Ten: Spring 2007 Menswear EMPORIO ARMANI

Top Ten: Spring 2007 Menswear DSQUARED

Top Ten: Spring 2007 Menswear DIRK SCHĂ–NBERGER

Top Ten: Spring 2007 Menswear NEIL BARRETT

Top Ten: Spring 2007 Menswear DRIES VAN NOTEN

Spring 2007 Mens Louis Vuitton

Spring 2007 Mens Marc by Marc Jacobs

Spring 2007 Mens Marc by Marc Jacobs

Spring 2007 Mens DKNY

Phew,, Those all collections are ostentatiously gorgeous, aren't they? Well, if you think it's fcukin expensive to wear those things, mix and match them will be ok too. For those who live in Singapore, you can check and buy things at Bugis Street *wink* or maybe Beach Road? Hehehe,,

Well, I'm looking forward to mix and match my things right after I can stand and walk properly *aha! And yeah, just wait! *giggle*

Ah, think I have to go now, having my dinner ok, muach!

7:14 PM