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straight talking, frank to the core, maniac depressive with a newly discovered morbid fascination for blood and gore.
and i'm fuckin nineteen

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Thursday, July 12, 2007
Higher State of Boringness..!
Gosh! By the name of shopping, clubbing, chilling, gathering, beaching, and anything,, somebody please help me yeah. I'm so fucking boring right now, am doing nothing and waiting for my uni commencement.

Gosh, October is way long to go, darn it.

And I'm pretty annoyed by what had Haloscan done to my all my comments right here. All vanish, like there's nothing left.

And I'm so confused on - whether I should bloggin in Bahasa Indonesia or keep it cool in English? Tho people were forcing me to keep bloggin in English, so I still (can) improve my English *ohh duh! of course I do speak and write a good english *giggle*

Ah, and thanks to all of you who have been so wonderful waiting for me here *Mwahaha..* I will post lotsa lotsa more, especially when I have lotsa things to do.

ah, again, I love this template, so brighty mighty cutie like me *grin* and here, a picture of me, NEWEST!

thinking about shots that I've been wanting to do in a looong time *hihihi*

coming up, pictionary sluts *giggle*

7:47 PM